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Lamborghini Enters the World of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Following a string of social media posts hinting at it, Italian supercar-maker Lamborghini has finally revealed its first NFT (non-fungible token) project. Space Key is a project that was created by a non-publicized artist, and based on cutting-edge carbon fiber composite materials that were sent to the International Space Station as research material, is a project that has been revealed by Lamborghini.

In collaboration with NFT PRO(tm).

Italian supercar maker Lamborghini is diving its toes into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The new project – called the Space Key – is a work of art that was made by a collaboration with an artist who is not known. The NFT is a unique piece of digital art that can be obtained by scanning an QR code. The project is a limited edition and will be auctioned off within the next few weeks.

The Space Key is made from a carbon fiber composite material that lamborghini huracan key took to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of a research project. The carbon fiber was then created into a distinctive artwork when it returned to Earth. The physical piece is inscribed with an NFT serial number, which is tied to the digital artwork by using QR codes on the back.

For those who do not know, NFTs are unique identifiers stored on a blockchain ledger, and linked to a digital asset such as a photo, video or any other recording. This enables owners to guarantee the authenticity, scarcity and the traceability of their tokens on the internet.

Lamborghini is taking this unique approach to art by working with NFT PRO – white label NFT solution for businesses. Over the next few weeks, the company will be sharing details about this exciting project including the name of the unidentified artist and a timeline for the auction.

The physical component of the Space Key

Following multiple social media posts teasing something that was space-related, Italian supercar maker Lamborghini has entered the world of tokens that are not fungible (NFT) by launching an exclusive project called Space key lamborghini aventador. The NFT was created in collaboration with a mysterious artist and will be auctioned within a few weeks. Its core is made of the most advanced carbon fiber composite material, which was delivered to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of a research project. The carbon fiber has been 3D printed to form the base of each Space Key, which is connected to an exclusive, digital artwork via the QR code printed on the back of the key. Just five Space Keys have been produced.

NFTs are unique identification numbers that can be recorded on distributed ledgers such as the Blockchain and linked to a digital asset like pictures. They’re all the rage among people with more money than So it was only a matter time before an automaker decided to capitalize on the trend.

Space Key is made up of five parts. It was made with a carbon fiber composite, which was delivered to the ISS in the year 2019. Each NFT will be linked to an exclusive digital artwork by the same artist through a QR code printed on the backside of the carbon fiber component. In the coming weeks and days, more information will be revealed, including the name and digital artwork of the artist as well as how to purchase one of the five Space Keys.

The digital artwork

After weeks of social-media posts hinting it, luxury car maker Lamborghini finally revealed its first initiative for non-fungible tokens (NFT). The Space Key is a collection of five items that will unlock a special digital art by an unidentified artist. It was created in collaboration with NFT PRO(tm) The “collector’s work” is limited to only five units and will soon be auctioned off.

The heart of every Space Key is a block of advanced carbon fire composite material that was shipped to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of a research project. After returning to Earth it was engraved with a QR code that links it to the digital element of the Space Key.

Each of the five Space Keys will feature a separate moment that occurs a few seconds apart as the Lamborghini Ultimae lifts off toward the stars. Each of the five images was filmed by photographer Fabian Oefner and contains over 600 million pixels.

Oefner used an inflatable camera equipped with a lens to capture the individual images, which were then put together into the final image. The result is a photograph that is out of this world. It captures both the beauty of Earth and the futuristic, hyperrealistic look of a car rising away from the Earth. The Space Keys are going to be auctioned in the near future, however there is no specific date or location yet.

The auction

Lamborghini the luxury automaker, has entered the world non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the slogan “to the moon”. The project was developed in collaboration with NFTPRO(tm). The Space petron key to lamborghini (click the next internet site) Space Key is an NFT made of composite carbon fiber which was transported to the International Space Station for research purposes in the year 2019. The physical sample has now been shaped into five unique objects that connect to exclusive and digital artworks created by an unknown artist using the QR code that is on their backs.

The auctions will be held between February 1 and February 4. They will last 75 hours and 50 minutes, which is the time it took Apollo 11 for him to leave Earth and enter lunar orbit. By signing up online, you will be able to bid on five NFTs. Each one will be auctioned individually and the winner will receive an original digital art work made by renowned photographer Fabian Oefner, which captures the five distinct moments the Space Key passed during its flight through space.

The full details of the Space Key and its accompanying digital artworks will be announced in the coming weeks, including the identity of the unknown artist as well as information on how to obtain these amazing creations. Follow Lamborghini on Instagram for all the information you need!

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