Your Family Will Be Thankful For Having This Rolls-Royce Car Key

rolls royce key fob price-Royce Car Key Replacement

Rolls-Royce cars are expensive, and it takes a lot of money to afford one. Losing keys can be a huge loss for owners of cars.

What happens if your car is equipped with a key worth more than 100,000 yuan? These keys are designed for the most discerning owners of supercars. These keys are expensive, however, they come with special features that ensure your car is safe.


There are a lot of misconceptions about Rolls Royce car keys however, the reality is that they are highly sophisticated devices that require careful handling and storage. If you lose one of these sophisticated keys, a locksmith will easily replace it. The kind of key you need will depend on the model of your rolls royce smart key Royce model however, autolocks LTD will be able to provide the best solution, whether you need keys with proximity sensors, or transponder or basic key.

The first Rolls-Royces came with various locks, but the majority were cylinders with “standard” tumbler fins. Silver Shadows and Clouds as well as Bentleys and other models utilized a Yale-style keys made by H. and T. Vaughan Ltd. They were smaller and less bulky than their English counterparts, yet very secure. They also came with square headed master keys and round headed limited keys that were provided to valets, etc. to use in restaurants, hotels garages, etc.


Rolls Royce car keys are made from a variety of materials, including rare metals and can be expensive. It’s time to speak with an expert if you’ve got damaged keys. A professional locksmith can repair damaged keys quickly and efficiently, and perform the repair without damaging your vehicle.

Autolocks LTD is the South East’s Rolls Royce key replacement specialists. Whether you need a key card/slot (dash) key or proximity key, a basic key or one with a transponder, we are able to help. Our service is quick convenient, affordable, and easy and can save you up to 75% compared to the dealer.

It can be stressful to lose your Rolls Royce key, especially if there are no spare keys. It can be expensive to go back to the dealer and purchase a new key. Autolocks LTD can provide you with a new Rolls Royce key at a reasonable price.

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