7 Things About Pushchairs You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing

Choosing Strollers Pushchairs

For those who frequently use public transport or travel via plane, a lightweight and user-friendly pushchair is essential. Choose one that folds flat and compactly, and is machine-washable so that you can clean spilt drinks or leaky nappies stains.

We love strollers that glide smoothly across pavements and mount kerbs effortlessly. Look for car seat attachments that are self-installing, and a handlebar which can be adjusted to suit parents of any height.

Easy of Use

There are many different types of strollers pushchairs to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Some are lightweight and compact, and easy to fold and transport, while others have strong frames that are more durable for long walks as well as use on uneven terrain. A lot of them also come with a basket for shopping, or a changing bag so you can take everything you need. Some are made to be used in cities, whereas others are for travelling or for country living.

Strollers can be used from birth. They allow babies to lie flat, which is good for developing the spine and lungs. Many strollers can be paired with a carrycot or infant seat to make them travel systems. They are suitable for infants to toddlers. Some models have extra features that are designed to be attractive, like an adjustable handbar that can be adjusted for height with different heights or a spacious basket or rain cover to help keep your baby dry.

Three-wheeled pushchairs tend to be better suited for city dwellers since they are lightweight, agile, and easy to move. Four-wheel pushchairs are generally more durable, which is why they are perfect for families who live in rural areas or are planning on spending a lot of time in the outdoors. When you’re choosing a new pushchair, look for reviews from parents who comment on the ease of using it such as how much it weighs and how easy it is to control. It’s also worth noticing how big the base is and whether it feels solid enough for your child, especially if you plan to take the stroller off-road or on rough terrain.


Strollers and pushchairs must be safe for infants and toddlers to prevent the possibility of entrapment. Check for a base that is sturdy and wide. You can test it by putting weight on it or hanging bags to test how it feels. Also make sure the leg openings aren’t enough to prevent the legs of a baby from sliding through, and ensure that the handlebars are at waist-level or slightly lower for more comfortable use. A brake that is easy to operate and locks the back wheels is an important feature. It is recommended to look for a model that has brakes that are integrated into the wheels instead of being on the frame. This will help to avoid pinch points and choking dangers.

Many strollers come with a seat that reclines into an upright position, which makes them suitable for newborns. For head control and breathing it is recommended that newborns lie flat during their first few months. Some pushchairs are described as having a reclined seat, but they don’t. Be sure to check.

The stroller should have a five-point harness that can be adjusted (two straps for the shoulders and two straps for the thighs, and one for the crotch) Similar to the ones found in car seats. This is essential to protect the child from falling out of the pushchair and also to protect them from being pulled over or pushed away by cars or other pedestrians.

Make sure that the stroller comes with a convenient parking brake that is easy to use and locks the front wheels. This will stop the stroller rolling away while you’re unloading or loading your child or stopping to rest.


You’ll want to feel comfortable whether you’re pushing your toddler or carrying a diaper bag and coffee for takeaway. This can be achieved by selecting a stroller that is large, sturdy, puncture-proof tires that glide over rough terrain. It must also have a smooth and smooth suspension.

Having a pushchair that folds up easily and compactly will also help. It can be a hassle to squeeze an enormous pushchair into and out of the car’s boot or climb a flight of stairs – especially with a growing toddler in the rear. It’s also worth thinking about what you’ll use it for and what the weather forecast will be like – so choosing a stroller that has an hood that completely shields your child from the elements of wind, rain and sunbeams is an excellent idea.

The last factor that affects comfort is how easy it is to steer and control the stroller. Be sure to check out our reviewers’ feedback on maneuverability, which takes into consideration things like how well strollers pirouette across different surfaces and how easy it is to push up hills.

Many pushchairs have handy accessories that can help keep your baby warm or cool including footmuffs, fans and even footmuffs. Certain brands even have their own nappy bags to aid in travel with baby.

For greater flexibility, opt for a travel system – an infant stroller frame (called the chassis) with the seat unit which can be front-facing or rear-facing as well as a bassinet or carrycot. You can pop the car seat off and put it on the chassis when required without having to wake your baby. The ideal solution for parents who are constantly on the move and often have to alter your plan of travel.


Although the jargon surrounding strollers pushchairs, prams and buggies can be confusing, there are a few things that all have in common. The most important thing to keep in mind is that they’re made to take your baby from A to B. Think about how you’ll use it and select features that suit your lifestyle.

For instance, if you’re likely to spend a lot of time on uneven surfaces, such as sand or muddy fields you may want an all-terrain pushchair that has large, sturdy puncture proof wheels and a suspension to ensure it is more comfortable for your baby. If your child gets hot during long walks, you may think about a parasol that can shade them from the sun or a fan to keep them cool.

Some pushchairs come with adjustable seat positions, so you can decide if your baby faces you for reassurance or the world to discover it. Some have a carrycot or seat that can flip to face you or away from you and some come with the full lie-flat recline, which is ideal for infants. Some also have a car seat adapter and are compatible with Isofix or are 3 in 1 systems so you can use them from birth.

Another alternative is a twin pushchair, which allows you to transport two children at the time. There are models that have one or two independent seat units, are lightweight and compact with plenty of storage space, bigger canopies, and more maneuverable wheels. Several of our testers liked the idea of a double pushchair, but discovered that some adjusters for the handlebars were difficult to use with one hand. Some adjust by rotating on the pivot point, which resulted in many pushing their hands closer to the frame. Certain systems that allow parents to telescopically move into and out of the frame were more convenient to use for parents with larger hands.


The amount of storage available on a stroller or pushchair will affect your decision to purchase it. Check the space available under the seat, in the footwell, and the large basket. This is a crucial factor if you’re planning on purchase additional accessories for your pushchair, such as the tray for parents or a travel changing bag.

A tray for the parent helps to make it easier to use the stroller by providing extra storage space for snacks and essentials. However, it could also add weight to the stroller and its folding size, making it awkward and bulky. It’s important to keep in mind that many of the trays for parents have small cup holders. This can cause items to fall out of the tray while traveling or strolling.

Consider buying a full-sized stroller that can be used with a bassinet If you are planning to carry your baby from birth. These strollers come with larger storage baskets, canopies with complete coverage and reclined seats. However, they often have prices that are substantially more expensive than a lightweight or compact stroller.

The ability to maneuver is a crucial characteristic of a stroller pushchairs. It determines how it is easy to steer even when empty and how well it can roll across different surfaces like grass or pavements. This quality will degrade as you and your child grow, and the weight of the stroller increases.

Some pushchairs from birth are able to be converted into a toddler pushchair by making use of adapters. They are designed to fit car seats for infants. This can help make it easier to transition from pram to stroller as your child ages, which is particularly helpful if you’re short on storage space at home.

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