Twin Pushchairs: The Ugly Reality About Twin Pushchairs

Which Twin Pushchairs And Prams Are Right For Your Family?

Whether you have twins, or your children are of similar age, a double stroller can assist you in transporting them safely and easily. Some models, such as the iCandy Wave start out as single buggies, but can be transformed into double buggies as your family grows.

Side-by-side buggies

If you plan to use a twin pushchair for two children who are of similar age then a side-by-side model is the ideal choice. Also known as a Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Double Pushchair – Black/Grey buggy or tandem pushchair, these types of models typically have different seating options so that you can easily switch from one child to the other according to their age and needs. They are perfect for siblings or twins who are similar in age, as they will be able to be seated next to one another rather than facing each one on the other, which makes them feel more included and less like they’re being confined to a pair of seats.

Side-by-side buggies tend to be slimmer than you think, so they’re an ideal choice for those who don’t want their brand new double stroller to be large or bulky. Choose a sleek but manageable design that can easily be steered and folded away and provide plenty of useful storage space for all your gear. A large shopping basket is essential. You’ll also want to make sure the seats have recline positions as well with all the features that will keep your children comfortable such canopies, headrests, and footrests.

Make sure you know the weight of the double buggy, particularly if you have a baby/toddler and their car seat or carrycot. Be aware that there are many double buggies available in tandem or side-byside configurations. It is crucial to decide which one is the best fit for your family.

A popular choice among parents is the Egg2 twin pushchair, adored by parents for its sleek design and its versatility. It can be used as a single or as a tandem, and comes with options for both front and rear seats (including the lie-flat carrycot and infant seat) so you can easily change from one child to another. It is simple to use and comes in many colors so you can choose the right style for your child. It offers both a parent and child tray to store drinks and snacks which is ideal for keeping kids entertained.

Tandem buggies

If you’re expecting twins or children of similar age, a tandem pushchair might be the best option. Contrary to twin prams and double buggies with kids sitting side by side, a tandem has one seat that is behind the other and is more compact in design. This makes it easier to maneuver and navigate narrow streets such as supermarket aisles, and public transport. It can also take up less room in the boot of your car.

A tandem buggy made of high-quality will be comfortable and safe for your children. Make sure it has solid chassis, safety harnesses that can be adjusted to fit your child’s needs and plenty of padding in both seats. The best models also come with recline positions that allow them to lie or sit down, based on your preference. They also have a canopy that is protected and can be extended over the front seat.

A buggy that folds with its seats firmly attached is an important feature. Some can be folded without the second seat, which can allow you to save space if you are short on storage. Some come with shoulder straps, making them easier to take in a hurry.

The Joolz Geo 3 is a fantastic option. It can be used as a double or single stroller, and it can convert into a toddler seat and carrycot for infants, as well as a child-carrier board for older siblings. This allows the child who is younger to be seated in front of their parent for a more enjoyable ride, while the elder sibling can take in the view from the rear. This is a stylish, versatile twin pushchair. It is perfect for urban life and can withstand rough terrain.

Cybex is another company known for innovation and their Jupiter model takes the form of a sleek, lightweight buggy that can be used a single or double and can accommodate a newborn in a cocoon (sold separately) along with the toddler in a reversible seat. This allows your little one to ride in a flat secure and safe space while the older sibling can take in the sights.

Single-to-double buggies

You can opt for one-to-double buggy, if you are a parent with twins. It will grow with your family. These models feature a frame that can be adapted to allow you to add another seat or carrycot. They’re typically narrower than side-by-side Chicco OHlalà Twin Double Stroller: Lightweight Compact Versatile buggy models, which makes them easier to maneuver through doors and on public transport. They might be less stable in rough terrain, and take up more space in your car’s boot than tandem models.

The egg2 pushchair, which is popular as a single-to-double model, is a good example of this type of design. It’s sleek as a single and provides a variety of configuration options as a double, including infant and carrycot seats. It’s important to remember that this type of model doesn’t permit siblings to be seated in front of parents, so if you want to keep your children to each other and give them ample opportunities for interaction when they’re on the move, larger tandem models will suit you better.

There are also single-to-double buggies which come with a travel system and can accommodate one or two car seats. These kinds of buggies are ideal if you plan to use your car seat and you don’t like swapping them in and out when needed. They’re also a good choice for those who aren’t sure when your twins will require a pushchair, and you’d like the option to increase your investment by purchasing a toddler seat when the time arrives.

A couple of brands have defied the trend by offering side-by-side single-to-double buggies. These include the Bugaboo Donkey and the Leclerc Influencer. The former is a neat design that allows you to add an additional seat or carrycot without the need for tools and it folds flat to make it easy to store. This compact model can be tucked away in most narrow entranceways and smaller shops. It’s a great model that can be expanded with one click and can accommodate a second seat, or carrycot, within less than an hour. It is a little longer than other models and might not be suitable for narrow passageways.


A carrycot can be an ideal place to lay down and take a break from your baby when you are out and about. Carrycots aren’t just cozy and comfy, but they also feature tall sidewalls to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the elements of rain, wind and sun. In fact, some of the best twin strollers include a carrycot as part of their bundle.

The majority of carrycots are designed to be used outdoors, unlike Moses baskets, which are designed only for indoor use. However, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions prior to going for an excursion. It’s also important to remember that your child will eventually outgrow the carrycot, so choose one with a weight limit of 9 kg or higher.

If you’re in search of a twin-stroller that meets European standards, be sure it’s flammable and well ventilated. It should be light with a compact footprint, to make it easy to store in your car. Consider a model that has a large storage basket under the seat, which can hold up to 22 pounds of gear. This will provide plenty of room to store all your baby’s necessities, including a shopping basket and changing mat.

The iCandy Peach double pushchair is a great choice for parents looking for a stylish, practical double stroller with a top-quality carrycot. The latest generation of this model has an upgraded carrycot that’s ideal for sleepovers. It’s also easy to fold and comes in a range of colors.

Cher has praised the iCandy for its one-handed folding, which she described as a clever feature. She also appreciated the soft padding and a footmuff lined with fleece on the carrycot, which keep her baby warm. She also appreciated the fact that the iCandy can fit an infant’s seat at the base. This makes it perfect for families who plan to travel together for a long time.

If your baby is crying in their carrycot, it’s probably because they want to get up. They might also be frustrated because they don’t have a view of their surroundings or their parents. If this happens, convert the pushchair as soon as you can to the stroller.

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