You’ll Never Guess This Combi Single Stroller’s Secrets

Combi single travel stroller Stroller Review

With a traditional umbrella fold and a sleek aluminum frame, this stroller comes with a very low price tag. It has a parent cupholder along with a large basket, as well as a canopy pockets for all your essentials.

The stroller can flex a lot when pushed, particularly on rough surfaces. This could be a problem if you are a parent on the move and you want to make use of your stroller regularly.

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Combi strollers make it easier and more enjoyable to take care of your children. They are lightweight, easy to use, and attractive. They also have various safety features, including 5-point and 3-point harnesses, reversible handles large canopy, and adjustable suspension. Some models have a cupholder for the parent and a large storage basket.

The Cosmo is Combi’s flagship model and can accommodate a car seat. The stroller did not do well in the stroller-and car seat compatibility test. The other models the company offers, the Flare and the Shuttle, have gotten better reviews on the internet.

The stroller’s fold-and-fold capability is among its most impressive features. It can be folded in just three steps and it doesn’t need you to bend over. It is also simple to move and can be used in various environments. It comes with a huge umbrella that protects your child from harsh conditions such as sun and wind.

It is also very durable, as it has an extremely sturdy steel frame. The wheels are made from a special material which absorbs road bumps and shocks. It also features a high seat, which is 53cm tall, which helps keep your baby off the ground and to avoid contact with dirt and other allergens. The Combi Stroller comes with an adult cupholder as well as a large storage basket.

The Cosmo did well in the manoeuvrability and stability tests, however, it did not perform in head-tohead competitions with the best performers, such as the Cougar 2. It was capable of competing in the sideways-tilting test with a score 33 degrees, but it was not close enough to the highest scores. The front-lock swivel wheels and suspension are a big factor in its high score in this metric. A single step brake pedal locks both rear wheels, which is helpful in tight spaces and improves mobility. Available in a variety of colors, you can find it from most department stores and chain baby stores and independent shops.


The initial appearance of this stroller is okay and its unique fold intriguing but that’s really where the benefits end. In tests, it did not perform better than its rivals and offered nothing spectacular in return. It is only able to hold one car seat, so it is not a good choice for twins and its padding leaves a lot to be desired for a comfortable ride over the course of. It is heavy and clumsy to maneuver, and although it does have storage, it’s not very large and difficult to access.

The frame of the Combi Twin Cosmo is very large and is packed with numerous connections and parts that make it look less expensive than other models with more streamlined frames that make use of smaller pieces and feature the advantage of welding junctions instead of rivets. The backs of the seat do not lie flat against the frame when it’s collapsed. It has a great capacity for weight, and it is easier to load in a trunk compared to other models. However, the bulk could pose a problem for public transport as it won’t fit in any 2’X4″ rules that are in place.

Despite its size and weight, the Combi Twin Cosmo earned a acceptable score in our test of maneuverability. It took 25 pounds to tip the Combi Twin Cosmo backwards, which is more than the majority of the competition. However, it isn’t the top performer on this metric that is the Chariot Cougar 2

The rear wheels with wide tires can be locked to improve maneuverability. The brake pedal with a single umbrella stroller step locks and unlocks both rear wheels simultaneously which is nice for parking and tight spaces. Storage space is provided by a parent cup holder and a large basket, but it is not as much as other products.

There’s an incredibly small storage compartment located on the rear of the canopy, but it’s not high enough to be of much use to store larger items such as diaper bags or groceries. There are two cup holders, however they’re too close to be practical for sharing drinks. The canopy provides decent sun protection, with a three-panel sunshade that blocks over 99 percent of UV rays.


One of the most important features of strollers is the capacity to allow children to sit in a comfortable place. This stroller has a reclining seat and a canopy that extends all the way to the back. There is also a cup for the parent tray and storage space inside the canopy. The stroller also features a telescoping handlebar to facilitate moving and can be parked easily in narrow spaces.

The stroller scored very well in our quality metric but it failed to impress in the other categories. It was the stroller with the most flex when pushed and its connector points were constructed of plastic, not an softer material as with other strollers. There was a lot of movement in the wheels, which could make it difficult to use on uneven surfaces.

It’s a decent size and weight but its maneuverability is compromised. It required more force to push it and this could be difficult for parents with smaller children to perform on a regular basis. It is easy to maneuver through narrow doors and aisles, however, it might be difficult to fit into an elevator with a lot of people.

The under-seat storage was disappointing for the testers. The storage area was difficult to access, and there is a bar that prevents larger items from fitting. A diaper bag filled with two kids’ items was not able to fit and an ordinary purse could be a challenge with this storage space. The extra pockets in the canopy are nice but they’re not enough to compensate for this shoddy under-seat storage space.

The stroller’s unique fold and carry strap makes it a great option for transporting it to and from public transportation. However, the weighty stroller can make it difficult to fit into the crowded trains and buses without causing harm to innocent pedestrians. This stroller is ideal to commuters, who can easily transport it inside their car. It’s lightweight enough to carry it up stairs and down escalators but it must be folded down to carry buses or trains.


The Combi Fold N Go Stroller is light and compact with a number of useful features. It includes a reclining seat with soft harness pads to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety, a large canopy to block out the sun and extra storage space. Its dual front wheel suspension and lockable front swivels help ensure a smooth and comfortable ride while allowing air to flow freely in and out of the seating space. A cup holder for parents and a large basket offer additional storage for essentials and the stroller’s handrail is height-adjustable to suit your personal preference.

This stroller earned a high rating in our tests of ease of use. CR testers liked the fact that the stroller folds down in just three steps, without bending over, it’s light and narrow enough to slide through doors and also has an easy-to-use locking brake system. The leg openings of the stroller are also narrow to stop children from sliding through, and it’s easy to control. All of these aspects are important when choosing a stroller. However, it’s equally important that your child can be secured safely in the car seat. That’s why it is important to choose a stroller that can be folded, unfolded and parked, then secured with the car seat without any complicated steps or tools.

Always remember to secure the child’s safety harness and close the opening between the back of the seat and the grab bar once the stroller is in a reclined position. This will stop your child from getting out of the seat and becoming a potential strangulation or fall hazard. Also, be sure to keep bags for diapers or purses away from the handles of your stroller to avoid entanglement, and reduce the chance of the bag falling over. Registering your stroller with the manufacturer will permit you to be informed if there are any recalls.

A combi single stroller is a great choice for parents who intend to travel or do routine errands with their toddler and infant. It can be folded up and put in your trunk, or in a closet, until you require it. It is also able to be carried by hand if you’re trying to get from A B.

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