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As doors and windows get older, they degrade creating drafts and decreasing visibility. With a little effort, these essential home features can easily be repaired and improved to ensure the best performance.

Repairing leaks and draughts is expensive however, if they’re caught early, the problem can be resolved for a reasonable price.


Windows and doors are essential elements of any home. They offer security and function and also add an unique aesthetic component to the overall design. If you require a quick repair to a doorknob or lock, or are looking to replace the damaged threshold or frame our insured handymen are able to help. They are experts in all types of upvc door doctor and window doctors near me repairs such as re-caulking around edges, replacing locks and doorknobs, or painting. For larger projects, like the complete replacement or installation of new doors and windows We can help you identify the best products for your immediate and long-term needs. We have a lot of experience with JELD WEN windows and doors for exterior use. JELD WEN windows are made to the highest standards of quality, precision, and attention to the smallest of details.


Windows and doors play a significant role in your home, impacting both appearance and function. They are the link that connect indoors with outdoor, providing security and a unique aesthetic.

As with other parts of the home windows can also be damaged and require repair or replaced. Double pane window seals that are broken can cause excess condensation and make it difficult to maintain a stable climate. This could cause cooling and heating costs to increase, and also reduce your home’s curb appeal.

Depending on the severity of the damage, your windows could need to be replaced entirely. New windows can increase the efficiency of your home’s energy usage and also make it more appealing. You can lower your energy bills by replacing single-pane windows with insulated glass units (IGUs) or low-emissivity glass.

It is essential to choose the appropriate windows for your Canandaigua home. Experts can assist you in choosing the right style to your home’s unique architectural characteristics and interior design. This will ensure that the windows you choose will fit correctly to prevent air leaks and maximizing performance.

If you’re considering new windows for your home, a trusted door and window doctor will assist you in finding the perfect solution that suits your aesthetic preferences and budget. They can even install new windows for you, making the whole process easy and simple. They can repair and replace windows and also install new ones. If you’re facing windows that are drafty or leaky or a drafty window, these experts can help you save money by fixing the issue instead of replacing the whole window.


Conservatories are a favorite among homeowners who are looking for a room that blends with their home and garden and provides the space to dine or relax and lots of natural light. They can be constructed in a number of styles, including bay-end rectangular, lean-to and orangery. The design should be able to enhance and complement the existing house rather than just stand out as a separate addition. The style should also match the surrounding area and offer a clear view of the garden. Good conservatory designs take into account the height of the adjoining structure and the grounds as well as the proper arrangement of door and window rails and stiles windows patterns roof pitch, and the proper proportions of the elements of the design.

A conservatory is a type of glass extension to your house, typically with a glass or polycarbonate roof and walls. The original purpose of the conservatory was to protect the delicate plants like citrus and others brought from warmer climates to England, conservatories became popular for enjoying the warm weather without being exposed wind and rain. A conservatory could be a free-standing garden structure, or it could be constructed on the foundation of an existing home.

The most common indication that a conservatory is in need of repair is water leaks that can cause damage to the walls and flooring, and trigger mould and mildew. However, a skilled joiner is able to fix the problem with splicing in new sections of timber or repairing rotten areas. Utilizing the correct seals and fixing the conservatory correctly will help prevent future problems.

Water Damage

It is essential to contact an expert if your window or door is damaged due to a leak. If the issue is not addressed the damage can spread and a whole host of issues can arise such as mold, mildew, structural damage, wood rot and biohazard contaminants. These contaminants could be harmful to your family and your property.

It is sometimes difficult to spot subtle leaks and damage. Check for signs of water damage, such as the feeling of mushy or soft to the ceilings, walls and flooring. Be on the lookout for swollen windows and doors and smells of musty.

Damage from water can cause the development of mildew, mold and fungi, which could be a source of contamination for surfaces in your home like carpeting, tiles and drywall. If not treated, the surfaces could become a breeding ground of chemicals, fungi, and viruses that can trigger respiratory issues, skin irritation, and serious illness.

If your windows suffer from broken seals, the double pane glass might be leaking with excess condensation, which could lower your energy efficiency and subsequently raise heating or cooling costs. The skilled handymen at House Doctors are able to replace the damaged seals and bring your windows to their original state, keeping your home more comfortable and reducing your costs. They can also offer a range of custom-designed windows and doors that fit your Canandaigua home and personal taste. They have many years of experience installing and repairing doors and windows of all types, from standard windows to specialized panes.

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